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Report on the efficacy of the Agro-Jet® MIT II Needle-free Jet Injector for Iron Dextran Administration in piglets.
Iron Dextran report on Agro-Jet® MIT II.pdf file.

Schering - Plough study using the Agro-Jet® needle free injector.
Schering - Plough study .pdf file.

Newport Laboratory study.
Newport laboratory study .pdf file.

Vaccination of cattle using the Agro-Jet®.
Schering - Plough study .pdf file. file.

VIDO Research Demonstrates Effectiveness of Needle Free Immunization S M
Dr. Phil Willson-Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization

VIDO Targets Improved Needle Free Vaccine Delivery SK MB
Dr. Phil Willson-Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization

Viro-Immunology Laboratory Animal Diseases Department of Biological Sciences University of Quebec at Montreal Reseach Report on the Control Risk Transmission of Hepatitis Virus in a Murine Model using the Med-Jet® (MIT Inc.) Injector.
Report on Med-Jet®.pdf file.

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