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Medical Technology Inc. China receives Chinese FDA approval for MED-JET® products
Thursday, February 3rd 2011

DENVER, CO, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Medical International Technology Inc. (MDLH.OB) www.mitneedlefree.com is pleased to announce its progress in China.

Based on the results obtained in two separate pivotal clinical trials over the past six months, the Chinese SFDA authorities have approved and issued to our Joint Venture Corporation the official licence to sell MED-JET® products.  

"We are extremely delighted to have received the official certification to sell MED-JET® products to the largest human medical market in the world," said MIT President and CEO, Mr Karim Menassa. "We can now execute our business plan, which forecasts multi million dollars of sales in different niche markets as well as hospitals and clinics across all Chinese provinces.

MIT China General Manager Mr. Ethan Sun said "The official SFDA Certification has been obtained thanks to great collaboration between MIT China employees and hospital personnel."

Dr. Francis Bellido, Vice-President and Chief Strategy Officer of MIT Canada believes that access to the Chinese market, with its growing middle class population demanding more quality healthcare, could be instrumental for MIT due to the huge volume of needle-free injectors needed to satisfy the staggering Chinese demand"

Medical International Technology Inc. is proud to continue providing a safe and effective means to help prevent the spread of deadly diseases to both humans and animals through the use of the Med-Jet® and Agro-Jet® needle-free injection system.

Medical International Technology, Inc.

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